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Liss Norton

Liss was nine years old when she won her first writing prize in a poetry competition in the Brownie magazine. She spent most of her childhood reading, and sometimes sits up most of the night to finish a book, when she should be asleep. She thinks that being an author is the best job in the world because she gets to share adventures with her characters – though she tries not to write ghost stories as they're too scary!
She lives in a small village in Sussex where she and her husband grow organic fruit and vegetables in their enormous garden. If you passed by late at night, you might see her in her garden hunting for slugs by torchlight. Liss is a regular visitor to school book weeks and loves meeting young readers and budding writers. Her website address is .




Secret Kingdom
A series published under the pseudonym Rosie Banks.

Book 13 Wildflower Wood
Book 17 Fancy Dress Party
Christmas Ballerina
Book 21 Glitter Bird
Book 23 Emerald Unicorn    
Book 26 Ruby Riddle
Candy Cove Pirates
to be published March 2015
Book 28 Magical Melody Medal    
to be published in 2015
Book 30 Twinkle Trophy
to be published in 2015

(Orchard Books)

Bluebell Woods

Book 1 Florence's Birthday Wish
Book 2 Honey's Summer Ball
Book 3 Evie's Secret Hideaway
Book 4 Natalie's Winter Wonderland
Book 5 Florence's River Adventure
Book 6 Honey's Midnight Show

(Stripes Publishing)

Creepy Castle
Naggy Aunt Aggie
The Perfect Pet
The Ghost Train
The Unwanted Visitor


The Flying Elephant
The Groaning Ghost
The Dragonfly Kite


The Pet Finders Club
A series published under the pseudonym Ben M. Baglio

Come Back, Buddy!
Looking For Lola
The Dog With No Name
Searching For Sunshine
Dachshund in Danger
Help Honey!


Puppy Patrol
A series published under the pseudonym Jenny Dale.

Holly's Wish
Jake's Progress
Jingle Belle



Best Friends
A series published under the pseudonym Jenny Dale.

Carrot and Clover
Lottie and Ludo

Mystery Kids: Hijack
published under the pseudonym Fiona Kelly.

A series published  under the pseudonym Jack Dillon.

Fire Storm
Snow Trap


The Food Fiend (picture book)


Trouble in Tartarus!
(Jasper Publishing)


The Winter Party
in Christmas anthology Winter Wonderland

(Stripes Publishing)

Home For Christmas
in Christmas anthology Moonlight Tales

(Stripes Publishing)

A Present For Everyone
in Christmas anthology On a Starry Night

(Stripes Publishing)

A Pet Fit For a King

 in the anthology A Treasury of Pet Stories (Kingfisher) and in Funny Stories For Five Year Olds

The Last Mermaid
in A Poetry Teacher's Toolkit: Style, Shape and Structure

(David Fulton Books)

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