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Beth Chambers

If Beth were to be stranded on a desert island right up there on her list of requests (along with a Man Friday to fan her when he wasn’t doing the whole hunter-gatherer thing) would be a solar powered laptop. Her first short story was accepted for publication when she was sixteen and she had her first publishing deal in her mid-twenties. To date she has had over thirty books published.
Beth started off her career penning horse and pony adventures before moving into the slightly darker realm of psychological thrillers and fantasy.  She assumes some small responsibility for any sleepless nights experienced by children after reading her novels, along with checks being made for something lurking under the bed…
Beth lives in fear of being called away from her laptop at a crucial moment then hearing the question, “What does this button do, Mum?” She is of the firm belief that whoever invented Autosave deserves a Knighthood.
Whilst seeing herself first and foremost a writer, Beth also holds tutors at the University of South Wales and carries out assessments for Dyslexia.  Living the dream would be to relocate to the beautiful Gower coast to write full time and fill both home and garden with an abundance of animals, the criteria being that they have only X chromosomes as at present there is an imbalance of testosterone in her household.





(A & C Black)


Dicing with Death

(A & C Black)


Graveyard Watch

(Penguin Australia)


Future Shadows




  • 6 Titles


Champions Yard (Blue Mountain)

  • 6 Titles


Chestnut Hill

  • 13 Titles


Un Ranch pour Kate

  • 5 Titles



(A & C Black)

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