• Peter Rabbit Story Board Books - Ladybird

  • Three Little Bunnies (2017)

  • A Christmas Wish (2017)

  • Happy Birthday (2018)

  • A Spring Surprise (2019)

  • A Pumpkin for Peter (2019)

  • Goodnight Peter (2019)

  • Whose? Series - Ladybird (2011)

  • Whose Spots?

  • Whose Stripes?

  • Whose House?

  • Whose Feet?

  • Whose Ears?

  • Whose Present?

  • Whose Bottom?

  • Whose Nose?

  • Pat-A-Cake (Hachette)

  • Halloween (2018)

  • Finger Trail Tales (2020)

  • Moon Adventure (2020)

  • Dinosaur Party (2020)

  • Potty Superstar x 2 (2019)

  • Who’s On The Loo (2019)

  • Town and About:

  • Space (2021)

  • To The Rescue (2020)


Fiona Munro

I have been working in the world of children’s books for more than 20 years and in that time has written for all ages. From rhymes to stories, from non-fiction to sticker books, her main aim is to keep children turning the pages and engrossed in what they see. A good giggle never goes amiss either! She is now concentrating her efforts on picture books and is proud to have recently written a beautiful series of Peter Rabbit story board books.


And some books about toilets.


Fiona lives in Hertfordshire with her family and their cat, Boris. They all love to read books apart from Boris, who generally prefers to sit on them.

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