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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray is a children's writer who lives in London. His friends think he has too many weird ideas and eats too much cheese. Andrew likes stormy nights, and books about long ago and faraway places. He likes cats too, as long as they don't leave hairs on his cheese.


Buddy and Elvis is in television development with Illuminated Films, creators of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Channel 5’s ever popular Little Princess series. Andrew also likes learning, and forgetting, lots of facts about JRR Tolkien, Sherlock Holmes and classic movies; studying natural sciences; and trying to stop Eli and Catharina clawing holes in his clothes.




Have You Seen Elvis? 


It's Show-Time, Elvis!


Buddy and Elvis is currently in television development  with the Illuminated Film Company -  The pilot won the Pulcinella Animation Award for Best Pilot of a Series in Salerno, 2008

Ghost Rescue

Ghost Rescue and the Greedy Gorgonzolas

Ghost Rescue and the Homesick Mummy

Ghost Rescue and the Gloomy Ghost Train

Ghost Rescue and the Horrible Hound

Ghost Rescue and Mutterman's Zoo

Ghost Rescue and the Dinosaurs

Ghost Rescue and the Space Ghost


On a Tall, Tall Cliff


The Very Sleepy Sloth

(Little Tiger)

Og the Dog and the Uninventor



The Tolkien Quiz BooK

The official Tolkien quiz book, approved by the Tolkien estate.

Halliwell's Film Quiz Book


The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book

(MX Publishing)

Is That My Holmes?

Is That My Watson?
(MX Publishing)


Seven Heavens

(8-10 fiction series)

Buddy and Elvis

(TV picture books)

Knighty Knights 

(picture book series)

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