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Katie in Fairyland

  • Book 1: The Stolen Crown

  • Book 2

  (2023/4, Poplar-Sha, Japan)


The Feeling Good Club

  • Smash Your Worries Bella! (August 2022)

  • Say How You Feel, Archie! (April 2023)

  • Be Kind, Shazmin (September 2023)

  • Believe In Yourself, Bella (May 2024) 

Stripes Publishing)​

Green Witch (Lodestone Books, April 2023)


Rainbow Beauty 

  • Peppermint Kiss  

  •  Strawberry Summer  

  •  Blueberry Wishes



Totally Lucy  

  • Makeover Magic 

  • Fantasy Fashion    

  • Boy Band Blues  

  • Star Struck

  • Picture Perfect 

  • Style School  

  • Summer Stars

  • Catwalk Crazy

  • Planet Fashion 

  • Best Friends Forever



  • Half a Sister (Usborne)


Pony Camp Diaries 

  • Megan and Mischief

  • Poppy and Prince 

  • Chloe and Cracker

  • Sophie and Shine

  • Charlie and Charm

  • Emily and Emerald 

  • Lauren and Lucky 

  • Jessica and Jewel  

  • Hannah and Hope 

  • Millie and Magic

  • Amy and Amber 

  • Daisy and Dancer

(Stripes Publishing)


Animal S.O.S.

  • The Mystery of the Cliff-Top Dog

  • The Haunted House Kittens  

  • The Case of the Secret Pony  

  • The Hidden Puppy Rescue

(Stripes Publishing)


Mermaid Rock 

  • Pirate Trouble 

  • Spooky Shipwreck

  • Treasure Hunt Whale Rescue

(Scholastic Publishers)


Fairy House 

  • Fairy Friends

  • Fairy for a Day

  • Fairies to the Rescue

  • Fairy Riding School 

  • Fairy Sleepover 

  • Fairy Jewels 

  • Fairy Party 

  • Fairy Flying Lessons

(Scholastic Publishers)


Quentin Quirk’s Magic Works  

  • Attack of the Bum-Biting Sharks

  • The Purple Sluggy Worry Warts

(Macmillan Children's Books)

.The Woolies - picture book  series (OUP)



Kelly McKain

Kelly is the author of the The Feeling Good Club, Totally Lucy and Rainbow Beauty series for 9-12s (Usborne) and the Pony Camp Diaries, Animal S.O.S., Fairy House and Mermaid Rock series for younger readers (with Stripes and Scholastic). She lives in Surrey with her two children, Holly and Freddie. She has been writing for 25 years now and has had over forty books published, and before writing full time she worked in a marketing agency and taught a pre-prep class - writing funny poems for her class about Fred, one of the boys she taught, started her off writing for children. She also loves reading, walking on the heath and in the woods, riding, swimming, yoga and playing the guitar (badly!). She loves visiting schools and performing at festivals and events, and chatting with her readers via her website

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PEPPERMINT KISS - Sainsbury eBook
of the Year 2014

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